September 6, 2012

why I wear my hair down

The post-updo scalp pain I am currently experiencing is not unlike the time I bleached my hair and my scalp felt like it was literally on fire.  Follicle fire! 

How do people do this?  Is there some kind of training that can happen with hair, such that it stops making a difference which way it goes?  In this case, my head hurts not so much from the up part of the ’do, as my hair was too heavy to stay up for long (18 bobby-pins would have been better than six)…the pain seems to come mostly from being brushed straight back from my forehead…a kind of directional resistance. 

And it’s not just the post-updo…it’s the lesser, irritation that precedes it for 8 hours or however long one can induce oneself to last.   

Long-haired ladies...any input?  Or Advil?


Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Hi Saleema,

We only met in the flesh once, and not for very long, and I didn't think to feel your hair, but I remember it--very thick and heavy. I was envious! My hair is well past my shoulders, but fine and thin--updos feel fine to me, but it's because I don't have all that much hair, mass-wise. I can actually put my hair up and smooth it almost completely flat to my skull!

Us folks with fine hair have an updo advantage but we look like pompoms in humid weather and can't make a nice French braid to save our lives. Everything has pros and cons.

My mom has hair like you, and I think Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote about her mom getting hair headaches. You are in good company!!


saleema said...


Thanks for the reference points -- I take comfort in them.

I like your hair philosophy, too! (And the idea of feeling someone's hair when you first meet them.) The grass is always greener on the other side. So many of the curly-haired women I know are always straightening their hair, and vice versa.

I really ought to learn how to French braid, though. With YouTube, there doesn't seem to be any excuse not to learn anything anymore.