September 4, 2012

back to school

Allergies are killer…my sneezes are becoming more and more of a comedy routine in the way that only multiple sneezes can be.  People on the bus were staring at me with a curious pity last week (as opposed to a contagious horror…the signs of a ragweed culprit were pretty evident).  Today, they’re better.  It’s the upside of being a writerly shut-in. 

I’m taking a class through Continuing Education, so I am entering into the back-to-school feeling more than ever.  New beginnings!  The beginning of September is better for resolutions than January, and probably almost as good a contender as May Day, for those of us who have been to school (or have worked at schools) for most of our lives. 

And the campus is flowing with students, which is both bad (all my quiet library nooks will be overrun) and good (all the cafeterias are open again).  It’s always fun to see the trends made manifest by thousands of twenty-year-olds.  All I can say is that a whole generation is going to have fallen arches from all the flipflops out there. 

In other news, it’s Election Day.  I voted, and if you’re in Quebec, you should, too.  Who doesn’t love voting?!  And if you’re one of those people who doesn’t vote, consider yourself soundly scolded. 

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