September 20, 2012

Hazlitt, the new It Lit Blog

If you’re not on Twitter, then there is still a chance that you might not know about Hazlitt, Random House’s new online magazine (or, as they call it “flagship digital habitat”) that has been posting a staggering amount of awesome content lately from all the best people.

Here are some of the things I enjoyed reading in the past little while:

Rachel Giese on a clash with her son's teacher over gay-positive materials in the classroom

Ben McNally with a thoughtful, bookseller's take on awards and prize lists

And everything by Linda Besner, including articles

on ---

The irrationality of optimism

The aesthetic value of the quiz

A linguistic take on beer commercials

I hope they keep it up, though with such ventures one always wonders if they're profitable (monetarily, I mean, to the publisher), and what the level of commitment is for keeping them alive even if they should turn out not to be.  

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