September 17, 2012

country weekend

The weekend came and went.  I bought some books.  We drove to the country.  I read some books.  We had pizza and drank wine and played some games.  We went to the farmer’s market for coffee and pastries.  I read over part of a novel-in-progress I haven’t looked at in a while --- I’m thinking of going back to it.  I napped.  We went to my mother-in-law’s vernissage.  We worked on some wedding thank-yous.  We had a raw kale salad (really, unexpectedly good, with an anchovy/Dijon dressing), chicken and mashed potatoes, and maple ice cream for dessert. 

Nails this week: l’Oreal Colour Riche Nail Colour in ClubPrivé.  This is the second time I’ve used this polish with the same results: this is hands-down the best drugstore nail polish I have ever used.  If I didn’t already have shades similar to the rest of the line, I would pick it up in another colour.  It lasts a week with almost no chipping – results I can only compare to a salon manicure with all the chemicals.  Not to mention I’m obsessed with the colour (at knitting on Thursday it was noted that my nails even matched the snood I’m working on).  It’s even probably a little bit why I bought this book (although I’ve also heard a few raves):

Above: nails after a week of wear with no special effort to avoid chipping: not bad!  

Random: in my inbox this morning, an email from my friend M:

"On Saturday night I dreamt that we were travelling somewhere together and that the bus driver did not show up.  You drove the bus for a number of hours until we stopped to pick up a new bus driver.  You were AWESOME! I was most impressed."
I like this dream a lot.  Whenever I have a dream of myself driving, it's usually when I feel like I'm in control and getting somewhere I want to be.
Other photos from the weekend, already shared on Twitter:

Breakfast at la Chocolatiere in North Hatley.

Storm brewing over Lake Memphremagog. 

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