September 16, 2012

In defense of clutter

One of the most eloquent defenses of clutter I have ever read is posted here on Michael Redhill’s site.  

It occurs to me that this is one of a few unsung bonuses to being a writer: taking one’s foibles and elevating them to a state which is not only defensible, but actually inherently better than whatever the prevailing social norm happens to be (in this case, a tidy, minimalist…and therefore possibly even uninteresting…or uncaring!...aesthetic). 

He makes an excellent point about people who are in favour of clutter --- or clutteri as he calls them (I’m not crazy about the term….I’m sure we can do better than this…clutteratus?  Then it could be clutterati in the plural) --- requiring a house or a flat.  Small apartments are not our natural habitats.  These, according to Redhill, put us at risk of ending up on a reality show.

I don’t think my husband is a clutteri – he’s what Redhill calls an orderer, really, but he certainly has enough stuff to qualify as one.  But I think we’re safe from TLC unless someone introduces a show called Book Hoarders. 

Pictured above: the weekend, wherein I clutter up somewhere else with some of the books required for two days away from home.  

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