September 11, 2012

Summer of Love

This truly was the Summer of Love, not just because I got married to my love, but because one of my oldest friends got married, too.  K and B came up to Quebec for our wedding, and we went down to Nova Scotia for theirs.  

I've been missing her in all the craziness of travelling, unpacking, editing, massive life upheaval, etc.!, so it was truly wonderful to hear from her tonight at the end of a very long Monday.  It reminded me, too, to go take another look at the photos on our phones from that weekend.  (I had photos on my camera, too, but I dropped it on a rock on the beach and haven't been able to turn it on since...which would be upsetting if I allowed myself to think about it too much.)  

The wedding theme (and a tremendous one it was) was Native Plants of Nova Scotia.

Here you see K flattening her leaf necklace.  

As a bridesmaid, I got to carry around a giant cattail, basically fulfilling a lifelong ambition.  (I really, really, really wanted to know what those fuzzy brown sausage-tops felt like, when I was a kid.)


You can see our new family-sized tent (it's the blue one) peeking out in the background  behind K's parents.  The whole wedding weekend was a collaborative affair, so it was camping, potluck, DIY the whole way.   

K and B, the happy couple, looking lovely

I was finally introduced to the joys of contra dancing, after a very rousing first dance to one of my very favourite nostalgic songs (and yours, too, probably): 

The next day a bunch of us went for a beautiful hike along the Bay of Fundy (witness the camera-killing rocks). 

This picture was taken before I took off my shoes to walk in the squelchy sand --- which I immediately regretted.  Sometimes I do things against my better judgement in the name of writerly experience.  Some sensations I would prefer to simply imagine, especially when the beach in question is strewn with octopus eggs.  

But all in all, an amazing weekend!  I'm so happy we were able to be there, and so grateful, too, to be so blessed in my friends.  K and B, I wish you so much joy! 

It's nice to be reminded of friendship, too, on a night like tonight.  You may notice I have changed the settings for commenting on this blog -- a necessity due to some hateful comments.  


Alice Zorn said...

And to think that I grew up in a swamp surrounded by cattails and I thought they were BORING.
I really like the new look of your blog--and especially love that swanky photo!

Samantha said...

"Sometimes I do things against my better judgement in the name of writerly experience."

Haha, yes! I do this too. Ugh.

KatKit said...

Thank you so much Saleema! Finally I am computer-savvy enough to know your Blog exists and find lovely things on it :-) KK