June 30, 2015

Everything You Know Is Wrong

The more precise writer in me almost called this post Commonly held beliefs that I suspect of being untrue, but I suppose it's a little less interesting that way. Anyhow, here is where I randomly begin dismantling bogus advice that has come my way.

Never pluck the top of your eyebrows - WRONG

Okay, so maybe you shouldn't *start* at the top and most of what you'll want to remove is below the brow line, but the idea that there are no stray hairs creeping upwards to threaten the sanctity of the forehead has nothing to do with my reality. However, I used to see it printed in magazines like Seventeen and YM Magazine over and over again. Maybe it even appears in magazines not aimed at blond American teens. Pluck wherever you want. Only YOU can prevent forehead hair.

Never keep your coat on inside in the winter - WRONG

The logic of this one is all about relative heat, I guess (?!), but no matter what your mother told you, you will not feel colder once you go back outside even if you leave your coat on. It is just plain warmer to keep the warmth you generate with an extra layer of insulation around you before venturing back into the cold! Do you know how sometimes once you're cold, you just can't get warm again? Well, once you're warm, it's much easier to just stay warm. And I don't know much about science, but I'm sure it will back me up on this one.

Write what you know - WRONG

Do I need to dignify this one with a retort? Many of us know much more than what we've simply lived or been taught. The joy of writing (for me, anyway) is in imagining, dreaming, learning, and discovery. If I had to only write what I know, I would stop writing today. 

June 26, 2015

End of June

I'm ignoring (for the moment) all my half-written drafts about events I've done and books I've read. A blog is about what's going on now, so here's what I've been up to:

  • playing with the baby
  • reading books about decluttering (maybe one day I'll even actually DO it)
  • feeding the baby
  • eating fudgsicles
  • obsessing over the baby's sleep schedule
  • marveling at the baby's cuteness 

That's about it! Some of these things take up more time than others...mostly, the last one!