February 8, 2013

saying yes

It has been a few days of interesting invitations.  A couple of invitations to do readings...and a few to do even more interesting things, each one a little (or, okay, a lot) outside of my comfort zone. My inbox is a place of wonder these days.  Wonder (Can I do this?  Are you really asking me?) and excitement (I'm so excited to do this.  Excited and terrified.) Maybe it helps that most of them are a little ways off, but in each case, I said...yes.  The readings and the non-readings both.  (I'm excited to say what the non-readings are, but...soon!)    

Hopefully I'm not dooming myself to hours of anxiety as they approach.  With every reading, it does become a little easier.  But not easy.

This weekend, I'm planning not to think about any of these looming thrills and responsibilities.   To celebrate two years of our knitting group, we're going on a knitting retreat.

Lovely (blurry) ladies at a knit night at T's awhile back.

The knit goes on.

I'm looking forward to good food, good friends, a walk in the woods, and maybe even finishing my hat!  Wishing all of you a lovely and peaceful weekend, too.


Jules said...

I am jealous of your knitting group. My friends and I tried to keep one together a few years ago and only made it three "events". Have fun on your knitting retreat!

saleema said...

Thanks, Julie...it was fun!

Three times is better than none, you know. You could always try again! (What works for us, I think, is making it every other week...)