February 13, 2013

flowers or Valium?

The title of this post is something funny K said to V in her piano lesson last week, when asking her if a chord was major or minor.  K is a brilliant pianist, choir director extraordinaire, and gifted piano teacher.  It is amazing to see him inspire and coax out the gifts of two people who, before the fall, could not even really read music.  Sometimes on Tuesdays, I end up having a mini-nap during V’s lesson (Tuesday evenings, like Friday evenings, are sometimes characterized by the compounded exhaustion of too many late night-early mornings in a row), but it’s so much more fun to be energized and puttering about the apartment and listening to everyone’s progress in the background.  Last night I made supper to this pleasant musical backdrop (including a salad that was a hit…hurray), and we ate together after everyone was finished. 

Randomly, around our kitchen:

 The inspirational scrap of paper was torn from an eclectic 
loot bag that also featured a life-sized neon gummi mouse.

The jury for the 2013 Giller Prize was announced this morning: Margaret Atwood, Esi Edugyan, and Jonathan Lethem. I think it’s a wonderful combination, though I truly can’t imagine the kind of list they’ll come up with as a team.  Something inspired and eclectic, no doubt!  Somehow I still haven’t read any of Jonathan Lethem’s novels, but I really enjoyed his book of essays The Disappointment Artist.  

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