February 19, 2013

Bare it for Books -- and PEN Canada

All day I’ve had too much caffeine – and excitement – and I’ve got the leg twitch going. 
So here is one of those things that I wanted to tell you about…the fun but scary thing I was invited to do:

Bare it for Books organizers Amanda Leduc and Allegra Young

Read about it here and here.
I am pretty nervous about this, I have to tell you.  Some parts of a Catholic upbringing die hard, and general unwarranted embarrassment about these human bodies of ours is one thing that has been hard for me to shake.  I have actually turned down free massages because it’s not really worth the stress of having to get naked in front of a stranger.  But that just seems like another reason to do it, really.  

The main reason, of course, is because PEN Canada is an amazing organization that defends freedom of expression around the world.    


Amanda said...


If it helps at all, we were nervous during our promo shoot too. (Solidarity with our writers, understand.) And I also have the hang-ups from a Catholic upbringing, and *also* occasionally get weirded out during massages.

But we have total faith in you. You'll be amazing. And who knows? Sometimes those Catholic hang-ups are a lot more flexible than one might initially think... ;)

saleema said...

Thanks, Amanda!! This is definitely reassuring to hear. :)