February 23, 2013

Friday photo shoot and another bad cab ride

My weekend started early as I took the day off of work on Friday for a photo shoot, which made me feel a little bit fancy and a little bit less like the pyjama-clad, stay-at-home-Saturday-night cobbler-together-of-words I really am.  It isn't every day I get to miss work for a photo shoot!  From start to finish, it took four hours, in four different locations, and it was tons of fun.  

And no, it wasn't that photo shoot.

Amazing photographer Guillaume Simoneau  

I alternately smiled and tried not to smile until my lips were actually quivering.  I am not, perhaps, the most relaxed model.  But it was fun watching Guillaume work.  I love watching people do what they do best and getting to take a peek inside the intricacies of different art forms.  (I'd love to visit a movie set some time, even though I hear that the ratio of set-up/waiting around time can be epic.)

G let me turn the (cell phone) camera on him.

When it was over, given that it was a special, unusual kind of day and I was suddenly starving, I decided to spring for a taxi across town to meet my husband for a late lunch/early supper or whatever a 3 p.m. main meal could decently be called.  However, my bad cab luck (I'll skip the capsule litany of taxi woes, but trust me, it is lengthy) persisted when the taxi driver got us into an accident, possibly due to being half-asleep.  (I hate the taxi stand protocol of having to get into the cab at the front of the line, even if -- and this often seems to be the case -- the driver at the front of the line actually has to be woken up to take a fare.)  We cruised through a four-way stop straight into the side of another car, but luckily nobody was hurt.  

Given that the driver got us into a car accident, I felt like I was justified in not giving the driver a tip, although truth be told, I still feel a little bit bad about it.  

Whether it was the hours of posing or the car accident or just the usual Friday weariness, I  immediately fell into a deep sleep on the couch early that evening, after just a few minutes with my current read.  A rather intense start to the weekend!  


Samantha said...

I'm glad you're okay! I hope that was a one-off for that cabbie, too, and that nothing like that happens again for anyone.

saleema said...

Thanks...me too!! The worst was seeing that it was about to happen and somehow just not opening my mouth...ugh.

Sabra Divis said...

Oh, I feel so sorry for what happened to you, Saleema! That was definitely an unlucky day for you. Thank goodness nothing worse happened. And just like Samantha, I wish there would be no 'next time' for that incident. And I think that driver should learn to practice responsible driving now.

Sabra Divis