February 21, 2013

I smell burnt toast*

If you’re like me (and you probably are), Heritage Minutes represent not only some of your favourite quotable vignettes, but also your most formative knowledge of Canadian history.  (Sad, maybe, but true.)  Well, pinch yourself, but there’s actually a contest to suggest a Minute!   It has to be about Confederation and it can’t have been covered already.  Details here. Deadline March 1st. 

In other news, I caught up with the season finale of Downton on the weekend, and I’m still annoyed.  I won’t say more in case you’ve somehow managed to shield yourself from spoilers, but if you’re already resigned on that front, here’s an interview in the Telegraph with Dan Stevens, the actor who plays Matthew, who, as it turns out, is a rather literary fellow.

 contemporary Matthew Crawley...er, Dan Stevens

*I swear I must have seen this particular Heritage Minute, with Sir Wilder Penfield, a thousand times, as well as the one about the French Canadian families adopting Irish orphans and letting them keep their names, Valour Road, Superman, and Vince Coleman, but there are tons of other ones I’ve never seen.  I guess my local cable channels only paid for the rights to a few…?

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