February 4, 2013

Argo and Auster

Another weekend come and gone.  They are always too short.  It seems like an extra day is called for – just to squeeze in all the fun AND the needed sleep catch-up AND the little errands and cleanup that are hard to take care of during the week.

Friday night was dumplings and a movie.  We caught the late show of Argo, which I really enjoyed.  I can’t think of a movie from last year that I liked quite as much.  And I can’t believe it has taken me this long to see it.

Saturday morning was choir rehearsal and reading.   I bought this beautiful edition of the New York Trilogy a while back and I’ve finally started it now. 

I’m only a little ways in but so far I love it and it’s exactly what I want to be reading right now.  Later on Saturday, we went out for a birthday celebration where the kitchen table was loaded with liquor, the apartment floor was covered in glitter, and there was a perpetual screening of Groundhog Day in one of the bedrooms.  Very fun!  

We also had slices of this amazing rainbow jello cake.  The strangest thing…it looks just like cake, tastes just like jello. 

Sunday I met up with some writer friends to go over some stories we’d shared and enjoy A’s piping hot sticky buns with pecans.  My first trip to Point St. Charles, aka the Point.  For once, I’m going to try and revise my story while I still have all the feedback fresh in my mind. 

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Jonathan Ball said...

In case you don't know, Auster's book "Travels in the Scriptorium" is sort-of a sequel to the New York Trilogy books.