February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm a romantic (at least I think I am...can you be a romantic and a cynic at the same time?? ), so I love that's there a day set aside just to celebrate what makes the world go 'round.  Then again, maybe it's easier for women to feel good about this holiday, without most of the social and consumer pressure of having to go out and spend money on chocolates and flowers. 

I was reminded of the impending holiday by someone at work yesterday afternoon, so after choir, I got busy and rid our kitchen of six browning bananas.  I only like bananas when they are just a little shy of ripe, so their presence, especially in such quantities, was perturbing to my piece of mind.  One never knows when one might be tempted through guilt (I hate wasting food) or hunger to start eating a sickly sweet overripe banana...and then writhe with disgust through the whole duration. I'm not usually keen to start baking late at night after a long day at work (and play), but I could hardly wait to mash those bananas and deliver them unto a better fate: chocolate-banana cake.  (There was also no small amount of love mixed into this furious-banana-converting-mania.)

Former bananas, exalted through sugar, butter, 
and chocolate and butterscotch chips

When icing becomes glaze...
a cake for my love

Cupcakes for the kid who loves little treats

Some of my friends are doing a double feature of Before Sunrise and Before Sunset tonight, which I think is just about the most amazing Valentine's Day plan ever (okay, a romantic dinner is maybe tied).  But regardless of how you're spending it, I hope everyone's day is full of love, friendship, hugs, and thoughtful gestures! 


Alice Zorn said...

Lovely cake and muffin decorations! Sure, you can be a romantic and a cynic at the same time.

saleema said...

I'm glad you think so! I'd hate to have to turn in my badge for either camp.