February 28, 2013

feed a cold

Is it feed a cold and starve a fever?  That's the principle I've been operating under today...the feeding bit, that is.  I think I have a cold that's starting to take hold.  Apparently, it makes me want to rhyme when I haven't got time, too.

I'll stop that.

It has been an interesting week.  Some late nights, some good chats, a power dinner, an old friend visiting from Hawaii.  Not nearly enough sleep.  Lots of plans being made for the next few months.  Ironing out the hiccups of some of the book launch plans (keep your fingers crossed for me, please).   

I haven't read any Truman Capote, though just this morning on my Goodreads feed I saw that somebody I'm friends with there gave five stars to In Cold Blood, which I've been meaning to read.  But I love this photo of him below at his home that I stumbled upon today.  I love the warm colours with the pops of turquoise and the mix of patterns and flowers and curios.  It's my favourite from this series on Buzzfeed of writers at home.  

I admit it: I love brocade wallpaper. 

I had ambitions of finishing my hat tonight in front of the television, but I was too zoned out to pay attention and I kept making mistakes as I began to do decreases towards the crown.  Oh well.  

Right now I'm going to go boil water for Neocitron and get into bed and read Juliet, Naked.  This morning on the metro I was wishing that there were enough Nick Hornby books to read every morning on my way to work.  

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