May 26, 2013

Soon, very soon

Soon, very soon, we'll be getting our books back from the post-disaster cleaners.  There hasn't been much time for reading or writing, though there have been a few newer reviews of Bone & Bread I'd like to share once I'm thinking about anything besides furniture placement and the best way to get smoke smells out of leather.  (A, I don't think I can risk this technique for all my shoes.)

We've been spending some time at the new apartment, trying to clean up the sawdust and preparing to move in.  My husband put up some temporary shelves in between some existing built-ins, so that when the cleaned books arrive we'll be able to get some boxes emptied right away.  

New bookshelves (with books that didn't go through the fire).

We also picked out a few things at IKEA and started putting them together before the rest of our things arrive.  


I'm looking forward to things being a little less eventful at home soon.  I'm trying to gear up to make a big push with unpacking and cleaning as soon as our stuff arrives, though... I'm a little too familiar with how boxes can just start to seem like they belong in a particular corner of a room. 

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend, and making the most of the perfect-for-writing rainy weather. 


Alice Zorn said...

How about putting your shoes in a plastic bin (with cover) on the balcony in the winter? Ie protect them but freeze them. Or do you have access to a large freezer? Or even a small one just to experiment.
I love the sofa in the window look!

Samantha said...

I have the same couch and really love it. Hope your new apartment is good!

saleema said...

Alice, I'm going to try the freezer! I'd heard about meat lockers, but why wouldn't it work in miniature??

Samantha, I'm really glad to hear that about the's crazy how critically important a couch decision is once you start to think about it (or overthink it, as the case may be)!