May 18, 2013

CBC Books' Summer Reading List for 2013

It's true that I'm sharing this list because Bone & Bread is on it (hurrah!), but I really do think it is a wonderful bunch of books that won't steer you wrong:  

       CBC Books' Summer Reading List for 2013

They call Bone and Bread a "dazzling debut" (!!!).

In terms of the rest of the list, I read Where'd You Go, Bernadette? in a couple of days last week and really loved it.  It's hilarious and memorable and unique. Born Weird by Andrew Kaufman is also funny and brilliant and big-hearted.  

I already have had Life After Life and The Hungry Ghosts and Caught in my to-read pile...though these are now all waiting to get de-smokified (along with at least two dozen other books I am anxious to read).   I'm also really looking forward to fellow Anansi-writer Iain Reid's The Truth About Luck, and earlier this week I had to talk myself down at the bookstore from buying The Interestings in hardcover, even though I'm dying to read it, especially after reading Kerry's review of it on Pickle Me This


The days are passing in a blur of laundry and lightning-fast research and decisions about our new place... looking around for furniture and (maybe this is just me...?) wondering why everything is ugly and overpriced.  (Or why everything I like somehow turns out to be $7,000?!) Even IKEA is looking expensive after all the costs associated with the fire and the renovations.  Now we're trying to decide what can wait and what needs to be right now.  Beds are a must, but tables and chairs can wait...?  Couches?  Patio furniture seems like a luxury that should go to the bottom of the list, but given the time of year, we'd also like to get it right away.  I'd love to take my time and find the perfect things for our new home, but I know that when it comes down to it, it might be nice to have somewhere to sit, eat, sleep. 


Gina Roitman said...

It is often said that you should live in a home for at least six months before making any decisions about decor. A bed, a table and a couch are what we started with and over the course of a year, the rest got filled in. But I hear your complaint about everything attractive being very expensive. If you wait until end of July August, everything will be on sale.

saleema said...

Gina, thanks for this advice.. the sales tips included! i think we're going to wait on a table and as much else as we can...