May 9, 2013

A rave review and lessons to relearn

This glowing Toronto Star review of Bone & Bread came out the same day as my Montreal book launch, so I never ended up posting it, but it is really, really lovely.  Some of the nice things Jennifer Hunter says about the novel:

“an emotionally complex, riveting story”

“a poignant read…it captivates because it brims with humanity”

I’m just slightly too bashful to repost the last line of the review here (well...for now!), but suffice it to say it is the kind of quote you could live on for a lifetime.  I keep waiting for it to become a catch-phrase around the house, but I guess I would probably have to be the one to get that started.

* * *

Lessons I keep needing to relearn:

  • Veggie paté will always go bad in the fridge before I finish eating it.
  • Muffins are just cake in another shape. 
  • 24-hour allergy pills are a lie.
 * * *

A note on "Yux."  Several people have hazarded guesses about who it might be and I feel like it is worth saying that it is someone in Toronto, not Montreal. 

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