April 7, 2013

Sunday night is not too late

It has been a bit of a stir-crazy, wheels-spinning weekend.  Nothing quite got off the ground.  Too much sleeping in, too much weather disappointment.  A general reluctance to spend an hour on the metro getting to where I wanted to be...and so went nowhere.  Nothing really worth complaining about, especially since it's all my own fault.  But in the past five minutes, at least, in a burst of frustration-fueled activity, I have managed to locate my chequebook, after a many-weeks search, so perhaps this is the start of a change.  The last few hours of the weekend will not be lost to melancholic feelings of futility. Rooms will be tidied!  Emails will be answered!  Things will be crossed off the to-do list!

Does everyone feel this way on Sunday night? I know it is technically the weekend, but it has to be the worst night of the week.


Steph said...

Sunday nights are not my favourite. They're fraught with the promise of another work week. Friday and Saturday nights are my preferred. I always end up wasting Sundays and feeling that same sensation one gets before knowing one has to wake up to an alarm.

Lesley said...

Oh, yes. Many early Sunday evenings bring the disappointment of looking over my way-too-ambitious weekend to do list, revising it into a "to do Sunday night" list, and then proceeding with dinner, a glass of wine, and maybe some TV. ;)

saleema said...

Steph, yup, that's it exactly. That pre-alarm feeling stretches all the way to 7 p.m....sometimes even to the afternoon.

Lesley, that's a great way of coping! Maybe I should ditch the Sunday to-do lists altogether.