April 17, 2013

Baring my soul...anxiety, renos, and Bare it For Books

Emails are languishing, coffee dates are being cancelled, my blog posts are backed up.  This is due to two things:  looming public speaking events for which I need to prepare, not to mention the photo below:


My anxiety over these public events (or rather, my very real need to set time aside to think about what I am going to say) is clashing with an increasing daily need to make difficult decisions (closets! tiles! flooring!) about EVERYTHING under the sun to do with the place we’re moving into. Our renovations are relatively modest, but nevertheless require a lot of attention.  Book promotion and home renovations are not terribly complementary activities, let me tell you. 

I also wanted to share a reminder about the Bare it for Books fundraising campaign for PEN Canada.  There are 63 hours left to contribute on Indiegogo!  There’s also a great article about it today in the Montreal Gazette.  I had a really fun chat with Mark Lepage about the project! 

The amazing Dallas Curow is going to take my photo for the charity calendar, and I’m so happy she agreed to do it!   I’m nervous about posing, but I almost have too many other things to be nervous about to get too worried just yet….

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Dallas Curow said...

I was just thinking about you, this project and all the fun we're going to have. I finished Bone and Bread this morning and am just in awe of your gift. Looking forward to telling you how much I loved it in person :)