April 26, 2013

Rest and refuge in Ottawa at the Writersfest

I woke up bright and early this morning to catch a train to Ottawa. Got here in time to catch a great noon event at Knox Presbyterian Church --- John Metcalf, Nancy Jo Cullen and Tamas Dobozy talking about the art of the short story.  A nugget of wisdom from Tamas: the end is also the beginning, as it recasts the whole story in light of it.  Nancy Jo Cullen said she thinks of endings as a "breath" in the story...before it goes on without us. I like both ideas.

As soon as I arrived in Ottawa, I felt relaxed and welcomed.  Things at the Writersfest run like clockwork thanks to all the wonderful volunteers and organizers. 

This afternoon, I was initially supposed to go to a tea at the U.S. Embassy along with the other invited writers, an event I was excited about, but I was also invited to do a reading for All in a Day with (the very lovely!) Alan Neal.  And who can resist the call of the CBC?  

Then I got back to my hotel, finished and practiced my speech for the Walrus Talks event tomorrow that has been wreaking havoc with my nerves for weeks --- and promptly had a long, deep nap in this amazing bed.  

Just ignore the monkey pyjamas.

I'm sad to be missing the event right before mine, but I'm so grateful for the chance to recharge and de-stress a little.  Now to iron my dress, put on some makeup, and get ready for my event later.  Looking forward to meeting some great writers and catching up with old friends.  

Still life with iron and lint brush

See you in a bit, Ottawa?

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Pat Webster said...

Hope all the events went well. See you this afternoon at The Walrus/Blue Met event.