January 6, 2014

100 Blog Posts and Other New Year's Resolutions

It was hard to separate this year’s resolutions from actual goals, but along with the general resolution to write more this year than last year (very doable, I think), I've resolved to finish one specific project and make a start on another. (I’d love to undertake more than this, and I might, but these two at least seem within the realm of reality.)

Another goal is to write 100 blog posts in 2014. In 2013, I blogged more than I ever have before, with 88 posts, but there were still many months where I barely wrote at all. I’m aiming to do better in 2014 and I think it’s possible. Blogging was a great outlet for me last year, as well as a good way of supplementing my disastrous memory and giving me a feeling of accomplishment that is often hard to find when one is working on lengthy projects.

Other resolutions include not buying chips (note: not not eating chips…that seems too harsh…so you may see me standing outside a dépanneur clutching a five-dollar bill and coaxing passersby to help me out) and eating out less in general, both of which I’m feeling pretty optimistic about.

Another goal is to take a photo every day this year -- a goal I've had each of the last five years (or longer!) and which I've failed at every time. Not this year, though. At least if I don't have anything to say for 100 posts, there should at least be some pictures...
So what if they're all selfies, right?

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