March 18, 2013

On tenterhooks and sugaring off

The photo above is of tenterhooks (from this page on weaving in Yorkshire)....and yup, that feels about right.  Not really like I'm on them, but maybe the back of my coat -- my feet dangling just a few inches above the ground.  A type of suspension that sometimes feels like floating and sometimes feels just a little bit uncomfortable.

I'm the kind of person whose sublimates worry into my body: rashes, upset stomach, eye twitches, etc.  I can feel both my arms on the cusp of a rash right now.  The season is dry and stress levels are high.

The book that I held for the first time on Wednesday is already here and there in the world.  From a Facebook message, I know it arrived at a bookstore in Guelph last week.  From a couple of friends, I know that the e-version is already available for download.  

*pause for nervous scratching*

Over the next two weeks, I have two books launches, two photo shoots, and short interviews scheduled for every form of media.  I am bursting with excitement and pangs of nerves about what to wear, what to say, and how to briefly transform from the realm of the solitary and pyjama-clad writer into a walking-talking simulacrum of a coherent and engaging author. 

The fact is, I am actually pretty shy.


I did an interview on Friday night, but Saturday we went out to the country for a family sugar shack event.  We had delicious sausages, salads, wine, and of course, the main event, maple sugar.  Afterwards, I spent the evening chatting, knitting, watching children play, and napping in front of the fireplace.  Below are a few photos from the sugaring off.

A forest of tapped trees:

Sap boiling in a cloud of steam:

More of that same special magic happening inside the sugar shack:

Finally, the main event.

The children may have been the loudest in anticipation and appreciation of the maple sugar on snow, but the adults were all able to eat more.  Yum.

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