March 15, 2013

A banner day

Yesterday really was a banner day (and I've just realized the banner photo on this blog is of...a of the many, many bunting banners I sewed for my wedding day).  

Most thrilling for me is to have been (I
think...this has been a long ongoing process of weeks and weeks...and I really hope I'm not jinxing it) chosen as one of the soloists in my upcoming choir concert.  Singing is my other love besides writing, and while I usually describe it as my only other talent, it is definitely something I have had to work hard at in terms of not choking during auditions.  Nervousness seems to attack my stomach and my vocal chords in equal measure in such instances, even though it doesn't seem to be an issue in actual performances.  Anyway, I am dance-around-the-apartment excited because I have literally been trying out for years and because this semester we are doing medleys from both of my favourite musicals from when I was younger: The Phantom of the Opera and Les Miserables.  

Also totally thrilling: my author copy of my novel arrived, and it looks amazing!

I love how thick it is (448 pages).  

I also found out about and contributed to
The Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter project.  Veronica is one of my very favourite television shows of all time, and it is really looking as though this movie is going to happen.  (Insert an excited fan-girl squee to drown out all others.)

I also changed departments at my day job, and yesterday was my last day in my old office.  It was a very busy early half of the week trying to finish everything up.  Yesterday, we had lunch together and my coworkers gave me a very sweet card and a gift card to
Paragraphe Bookstore (!), which I am carrying around like a magic ticket, trying to imagine what I will use it for, especially since I am totally spoiled by how many books I have been buying lately. was my first day in my new department, which is really my old department because I worked there for three years before as a casual employee.  I left five years ago, which is a terrifying thought because it really doesn't feel that long.  And not much seems to have changed. I mean that literally, because when I went to look for a notebook to start taking down phone messages, I reached for a spiral one shelved on the desk and it was
my notebook, one I must have accidentally left behind, almost entirely full except for four pages.  

I'm so happy to be back among old friends, and so happy to be reunited with this amazing view of Mount Royal:

And just one week from today is my first Bone and Bread-related event, its
book launch in Toronto at Type Books!  


Alice Zorn said...

All very exciting news! I'm happy for you--for the book, for the solo, for the change in pace at work. I had an app't at the RVH that finished early yesterday and stopped in at the Pathology building, thinking it would be the last time, but it was already too late. Your desk looked so empty. A woman sorrowfully informed me you'd left. The spiral notebook is a perfect office story. I know that years after I'll have left my hospital job large envelopes with my handwriting on them will still be circulating. Have fun in Toronto next week. Type is a great venue. xx

Patterson Webster said...

Can't wait to hear you solo, singing anything from either of those musicals. And can't wait to see you all tomorrow. It's bright and beautiful here today.

Rebecca Rosenblum said...

Hi Saleema, Congrats on all the good news--I can't wait to get my own copy of Bread and Bone. I'm really sorry I'll miss your TO reading next week--I didn't hear about it until a couple days ago, and by then I had concert tickets for that evening. Boo! Hopefully you'll be back again soon...?

Dallas Curow said...

So exciting! The cover looks amazing - you must be so pleased. I absolutely can't wait to read it :)

Samantha said...

Happy to hear about the soloist position! And I'm excited because I'm going to your Toronto launch! I can't wait!

m said...

So many exciting things in one post! Congratulations all around. Holding the book for the first time is so special. Yay for you!

saleema said...

@Alice - I'm sorry I missed you! Offices are places where time passes slowly, I think.

@Pat I'm glad it stayed clear and bright for yesterday. I think last night's stars were the brightest winter night sky I've ever seen.

@Rebecca I'm sorry I won't see you, but maybe next time! (Not sure when..!) What band are you going to see?

@Dallas The inside cover flap (with the photo you took) looks even better. I'm going to have a copy for you when you come to town.

@Samantha I'm so excited you're coming!!

@m Thank you! :)

Lina E. Gordaneer said...

ooh! So much going on Saleema. I am going to focus on the Veronica Mars though- just started watching it with the girls and we are all loving it. A mix between Buffy and Nancy drew with a whole lot of Noire. What more could you ask for!

saleema said...

Lina, it truly is the best, isn't it?? Where are you in it now?