January 20, 2013

weekend / contest

There are still a few hours left to win an advance reading copy of Bone and Bread through House of Anansi's awesome Friday Reads giveaway.  All you have to do is go to their official Facebook page and hit like or add a comment to the contest announcement before midnight tonight.  (I love contests!  I've won probably more than my fair share of books off of internet contests like these over the years.  I especially love contests for ARCs because it means you get to read the book in question even before it hits the stores.)

This was a quiet weekend.  The Australian contingent of my husband's family flew home on Friday after a farewell dinner, and I mostly stayed home and did some reading and writing (I did manage to get up early on Saturday, though I kept half falling asleep on the couch...this always produces some interesting sentences) and knitting.  

The weather is beyond bizarre.  After Friday's dip to the minus thirties, on Saturday it was hovering around zero.  There was a trip to the park and the used bookstore.  

Quality finds at Encore Books.

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