January 13, 2013

2012 round-up, part one

So much happened this year that I wanted to write about it.  Looking through my photos, I was overwhelmed by just how MUCH happened.  In a way, I'm not surprised, looking back over these blog entries, to read me writing over and over again about how busy I felt.  I'm also not surprised by the long stretches of silence.  Blogging definitely fell by the wayside for part of the year. 

I remember the energy and enthusiasm I was feeling last January.   I was full of ideas and eager to get started, but I knew I still had to finally start editing my novel based on the notes I'd received on January 20th.  But I was postponing.  And the day I vowed to finally start (right here on the blog!) I ended up falling and breaking my wrist.  

It hurt a lot, and I wish it hadn't happened, but one of the upsides was the way I discovered (though, really, I already knew) how much I could rely on my boyfriend (now husband).  He took care of me when I needed it, and even when I resisted it, and when I was probably less than 100% delightful to be around. 

I spent most of my birthday at the orthopedic clinic, where I think I ended up crying because I really needed to get a form filled out to send to HR to accommodate my time off of work.  (Eventually, I did manage to get the form, in one of many subsequent visits.)   

Cast, cake, and candles.

In March, D and I went to visit L in Niagara Falls, where she graciously hosted us and acted as tour guide to that unique, kitschy town.  I'd been wanting to go for a long time, but especially after reviewing Falling by Anne Simpson, which is set there.

Windblown by the water.

Clifton Hill

The mesmerizing whirlpool.

Mid-March brought the sap, so we went out to the Eastern Townships for sugaring off with friends and family.
Sugar on snow. (It almost looks like writing, doesn't it?)

Maple sugar bliss.

A few days after that, my cast came off, and I was able to get into my editing in earnest.  Then, at the end of March, D proposed and I said yes!   We went for an amazing meal down the street at Lawrence, where I had oysters for the first time, and Baked Alaska, which I must now forever maintain is a romantic dessert.  

Delicious (and beautiful) oysters at Lawrence.

Later that night, we stopped by my knitting circle 
(where I'd been planning to go before the surprise).

Then began the major endeavour of planning a wedding in three months.  (Because, why wait?)  I chose a dress in one weekend, with the help of several groups of trusted advisors. 

Saying yes to the dress.

After pinning down a few key details and sending out the save-the-dates, I had to finish my new draft of Bone and Bread.  Then I went into a flurry of wedding planning and organizing.  There was a lot of caffeine, as well as some heart palpitations.  

Sewing dozens of bunting banners for my wedding.

My bachelorette was dinner, a drag show, dancing, and karaoke, followed by a long walk home in the wee hours.

As ringmaster, minus cape.

The wild bunch? 

A fun night out in the Gay Village.

The bachelorette was planned for two weekends before the wedding, since before the big day I also had to pack up and move out of my apartment of seven years.  This was a huge endeavour that also involved purging a ton of clothes and other items.  

Goodbye, bathroom! 

Set-up for the last gathering at my old apartment (books already mostly packed).

A view facing the other direction, packing in progress. 

So that was the first six months of the year! All in all, it was probably the busiest, most exciting, wonderful, painful, and challenging times of my life.  

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