December 31, 2012

holiday winding down

I've been a little quieter here than I'd planned, partially due to a bad cold that snuck up right on time for the start of my vacation.  Boohoo.  It hit my husband, too.  But it was a good excuse for staying inside and watching movies and reading and sleeping in and all those other things that are a good part of a vacation, too.  

There was some frivolity.

Orange and white chevron and striped nails.

There was a very necessary haircut.



There were page proofs to review.

Commas to move and chocolates to eat..

But probably the most exciting things I've managed to do on this vacation is work on a new short story.    I'd love to finish it before the new year really takes hold.

You also may have heard that we got a record snowfall in Montreal.  

It helped encouraged the hibernation.

I'm off to scribble down some resolutions.  How about you?


Samantha said...

Happy new year! I'm happy to hear you started a new story! I spent December not thinking about writing at all, so now I'm ready to get going again.

saleema said...

Thanks, Samantha. It is fun (read: challenging) trying to switch gears between long and short fiction...but oh my god, do I ever love the idea of FINISHING something.

Happy writing!

Steph said...

I LOVE your new haircut. Hmm. Makes me want to get those bangs.

Also love the nails. And page proofs always evoke excitement in me. But I especially love that you're working on a new short story!!

Is your cold gone, now? I hope so.

PS. Holy balcony snow. I'm trying to decide whether or not I would like that. The idea of being snowed in has appealed to me since I was a kid reading Little House on the Prairie.

saleema said...

Yes, thank you, cold is gone! And thanks for the hair feedback. :) As the days go by I'm more and more pleased about it. It dries so much faster!

Yes, that balcony is something else. It's a condo across the courtyard from my friend's place, and we just kept watching it all afternoon as the snow fell, wondering how much worse it could get.

I remember that part in Little House. :) I think it would be first?