November 18, 2013

Blogging blackout and the QWF Awards

Well, it seems that my immense backlog in things I want to blog about (the Victoria Writers Festival and the Vancouver Writers Festival being foremost among them) is leading to the inevitable blog avoidance. I’m so behind! There’s so much to write about! There’s also something else going on that I’ve noticed, which is that when I’m actually getting writing done…that is to say, actually moving forward in a project…there is a lot less blogging. Or sometimes no blogging. So there is at least one good thing about my silence here. I have been doing some writing.

Tomorrow is the Quebec Writers’ Federation Awards gala, where Bone & Bread is up for the Paragraphe Hugh MacClennan Prize for Fiction. There’s not much more to say about it than this, except that I am trying very hard to simply be satisfied with the nomination and not end up too attached to whatever the final outcome is tomorrow night. After all, the book is written. It’s done! It’s too late to change it and pointless to wish I’d written anything differently. I’m mostly looking forward to seeing lots of writing friends and celebrating our small but sturdy English writing community in Quebec, such as it is. I'm also very excited that the evening is being hosted by none other than Ann-Marie MacDonald! Fall on Your Knees was a very important book for me in high school.

Maybe I’ll see you there? (For ticket info, see here.)


Alice Zorn said...

See you there tonight!

saleema said...

Yes, looking forward to seeing you!

Ian Shaw said...

Hi Saleema, Congrats on winning the QWF award. I finished reading Bone and Bread during my business trip to North Africa. It was a tremendous read, and I am sure the QWF award is just the beginning of many awards that you will win in the coming year. See you on December 8 at the Magical Evening with Canadian Authors, Best, Ian

saleema said...

Thanks so much, Ian!! Looking forward to meeting you on Dec. 8.