October 4, 2013

Friday and what I crave

This week has gone by so quickly I can scarcely believe it’s Friday already.

I’m craving two things simultaneously: 

  • A relaxing weekend in my sweatpants, spending quality time with my knitting and with the PVR and everything that’s been taping over the past month.
  • Some time to work on the new novel, which lately, does not seem at all horrible and for which I have had a few interesting new ideas. I have an admittedly completely unrealistic fantasy of finishing it within a year, which really could happen if I just managed to spend some time working on it every day.  NB: this kind of self-delusion is the kind of propulsion necessary to produce a novel.

I’ve been feeling that change-of-season sense of creativity, of possibility. I want to listen to new music, read new authors, make something, do something.  But first…a nap. As soon as I get home please.

Oh! And last Sunday we finally made it out to the last day of Mosaicultures, an incredible exhibit on at the Botanical Gardens of Montreal. If you haven’t been yet, you should go…and I can say this now because they have extended it by a week! It’s on until this Sunday. Here's a photo before my phone died....I'll share some more when I get the photos off of my husband's phone. This was one of the smaller installations -- some were truly amazing.


Anonymous said...

Such a gorgeous garden!

I love that you feel that self-delusion keeps a writer going ... I certainly use it to keep myself motivated in all projects. I always remind myself that the novel "Lady Audley's Lover" was written in a 2 week frenzy, which means that technically any of us is just 2 weeks away from writing a classic novel.

saleema said...

Wait til you see the other pics! Some of the installations were totally insane-amazing.

Yes, where would we be without our delusions?! I love your reminder, although two weeks does sound a little hellish. I did meet a writer at Eden Mills who had written her novel in 6 months, which strikes me as the perfect balance of ludicrously fast and actually doable.