September 9, 2013

Bone & Bread a "Best Book" Editor's Pick at and Salty Ink

Before I completely forget to neglect to commemorate this amazing fact from the beginning of the summer here, I wanted to write about Bone and Bread appearing on this list of's Top 25 Books of the Year So Far, along with nine other Canadian books (and a lot of high-profile titles).  See the full list of editor's picks here.

AND over at Salty Ink, Chad Pelley named Bone and Bread as one of "the Finest 4 Novels From the First Half of 2013 (and then some).  Hurray!!  Um, anytime I am somehow mentioned in the same breath or list as Lisa Moore, I am basically ecstatic. 

(AND apologies to friends on Facebook, for whom all this news is a duplication and possibly an annoyance.) 

Last night I had an anxiety dream about some talks I may need to prepare for some upcoming events, which I guess means I should just...start preparing for them. The weekend was both social and home-improvement-oriented, both things which were necessary and enjoyable, but it meant that there was not a lot of time left for reading or writing. Where are the people with the perfect work-life balance? Let's feed them banana cake until they tell us all their secrets.

Also, today the new Arcade Fire single is out! I couldn't resist listening to the leaked version, and I'm pretty excited. 

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