June 7, 2013

The Walrus Summer Reading Issue

Have you gotten your copy of the new issue of the Walrus yet?

I’d already noted the gorgeous cover when people were tweeting about it online. (I've never outgrown my childhood love of infinite regress pictures either...or whatever they're called.)  And I was excited to find out who the six promising new Canadian writers were.

One of my remarkable husband’s remarkable poems is in here.

Well, it turns out I already know one of them --- my husband!  Exciting new Canadian writer Derek Webster. You might say I'm not the most objective reader in this case, but I think his poetry is amazing.

Get the new issue of the Walrus and check it out!


Pat Webster said...

Poetry is only one of the amazing things about him. Great poem, Derek!

Jonathan Ball said...

How does he feel about being a "new" writer?

saleema said...

@Pat ...I couldn't agree more!

@Jon ...I guess everybody has got to be 'new' at some point..?