November 6, 2012

A Scrivening weekend

Well, I didn’t leave the apartment this weekend, which is either a triumph or a failure – depending which way you look at it.  

A rainbow from a couple of weekends ago...when I did leave the apartment.

I tackled my messy room, and I am now officially someone who rotates summer and winter clothing in her closet.   With a few exceptions, all my dresses and summery tops are packed into a Rubbermaid bin and relegated to the top shelf.  I also have an ever-expanding tote bag full of clothes to bring to the next clothing swap I attend.

I also installed Scrivener on my computer – originally purchased as a gift for my now-husband over a year ago, but enough time has elapsed I thought I could safely take advantage of the extra downloads without compromising the initial gift intention.   (Actually, when I bought it for him, I didn’t even have a Mac…and the Windows version didn’t exist, though I think it does now.)  I spent Sunday reading the first half of a friend’s amazing novel MS and doing the recommended (but very long) Scrivener tutorial whenever I could find snatches of time (in between some food poisoning…ugh…) --- and it is totally mind-boggling what this program can do from a fiction point of view.  It has features for screenwriting, poetry, and miscellaneous projects, but it was designed with novels in mind.  And it is actually alarming to contemplate how much time I might have saved on my novel if I’d been working inside this program, although of course I can’t say for sure. 

I loaded up a couple of in-progress projects, just to see how I like it and how useful it turns out to be.  I’ll keep you posted and write more about its features later, if it turns out to become as essential as I suspect it might. 

I missed blogging Halloween (or rather, I'm not sure how comfortable anyone might be with me posting pics of them in their costumes!), so instead I'll leave you with my winning entry in my work's "Horror Dessert" contest.  And yes, that's the Provigo receipt from the cake right there in the picture. 

(I won't.)

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