October 12, 2012


I've been thinking lots of blog posts (and emails), if that counts, but there has been no time to write them -- too much editing, other writing, etc, plus, oh, you know, life.  

But it's wonderful to come home on a Friday night and get into comfy clothes and catch up on the internet a little.  One of the very best things is reading up on the Things We Like over at Rose-Coloured.  This collective, amorphous We likes a lot of things (so very close to 1000 now!), and they're pretty much all wonderful.  I recommend going to take a look.  

I know I ought to be working right now (deadline...looming...gulp), but there is a frozen pizza just out of the oven, and the magical PVR full of movies is beckoning...and it's only 7:40!  Grant me absolution, internubs.*

Refined Friday night palate

*shiny new pet name? 

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