August 2, 2012

art and life

We all know that life imitates art in ways that are sometimes downright eerie, or it’s probably more accurate to say that some people who have a great deal of insight into life and human character can imagine with uncanny prescience just how a situation might play out, given all the factors at stake.  My insightful friend Alice Zorn shares a pretty amazing story about this sort of thing over at her blog.

You should also check out Alice’s excellent short story in the latest issue of Prairie Fire, which has placed first (!) in their annual fiction contest.  This fact is even more impressive given that one of her stories has actually placed first in this contest before.  (A story you can read in her wonderful collection -- if for some reason you don’t already happen to have a half-shelf full of back issues of Prairie Fire.  Although you might as well subscribe to Prairie Fire, while you’re at it.)

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