June 5, 2012


The cast came off.  The draft got sent.  (And the notes came back!)

My wrist aches from the physio, but I’m trying to see that as a good sign, that progress is being made.  It’s getting stronger.  It bends a little more than it did before.  Same with my left thumb.  It’s funny that the cast heals the fractures, and the physio is really to heal the damage done by the immobilization of the cast. 

I am doing a lot of things.  Working.  Freelancing.  Editing.  Sewing.  Packing.  Moving.  Persisting.  Some days I feel a little worn thin. 

Some things I am doing these days:

Drinking a glass of water when I feel bad.  This works well for burgeoning headaches, phantom hunger pains, sneezathon allergy attacks, and the increasingly frequent stress-induced chest tightness. 

Making fewer lists.  I write down the things I’m afraid of forgetting, but I think encountering a full-fledged list of everything I hope to accomplish this summer would make me take to my bed…or perhaps weep hysterically at the deluded ambition of it all.  So for now – one thing at a time.     

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