January 31, 2012

procrastination, book covers and yellow boots

The draft still looms. Instead of editing, I've been buying shoes. I've been working on freelance stuff. I've cleaned out and washed the inside of my refrigerator. (My main thought after finishing this last task was not the expected satisfaction of gleaming rails and orderly foodstuffs, but rather, what a waste of time.) I've toyed with (and discarded) the idea of entering Canada Writes for creative non-fiction ($6000 prize! A Leighton studio! Deadline: Feb. 1) and, relatedly, have been sidetracked at length into tracing genealogy via the Nova Scotia Historical Vital Statistics.

Tomorrow is February, which leaves me less than six weeks for an editing blitz. But I'm comforted by the thought that, sooner or later, I have to start. I will start.

Until then, though, in case you're somehow out of the viral video loop, here's a magical little film of a rainbow of books getting up to some nighttime antics at the wonderful Type Books. Apparently it took four full nights to film. And yes, although writers often make a number of comparisons between books and children that I do not necessarily support, I can definitely always pick my book out of a crowd. I was happy to see it in the video!

I can spot it at one hundred paces. The cover is a very particular shade of yellow (I love it).

Hmmm, that also makes me realize why I may have been coveting these boots for years. I finally bought them when they went on (super) sale this week.

Although I think the book goes with everything, I'm not sure the boots will. Suggestions welcome.


Lesley said...

Those are some mighty fine boots! I love that you've been posting again lately!

Anonymous said...

OMG I know those boots well but I bought two pairs of Fluevogs in the past year (and got one pair for free!) so I abstained. They remind me of those funny shoes we bought in Minneapolis!

Ariel Gordon said...

I'm not a shoe person, per se, but I like those. Do they make them in giant sizes?

saleema said...

@Lesley Thanks, me too!

@Vanessa OMG you're so right. Do you still have yours? Mine proved to be unwearable.

@Ariel They for sure do. And the bigger sizes often go on sale or clearance!

meli-mello said...

Those boots are lovely and I would wear them every day if they were mine. Sadly, my super skinny feet haven't found a pair of Fluevogs that fit yet - but maybe I'm not trying hard enough.