August 18, 2011

Things you may observe about editing a novel

Dishes accumulate more quickly than can be accounted for. In fact, all dishes and cutlery are dirty, in spite of the cessation of all cooking. (The most alarming thing about this is how little you are inclined to care.)

Your stomach never stops growling in spite of heretofore-unheard-of (read: confessed) indulgences sanctioned due to state of grievous emergency. (May include but not limited to Chinese takeout, energy drinks, garlic crackers, stale Cadbury mini-eggs.)

Most novels you will think about or pick up are better than your novel in its current state. (Heart-rendingly, soul-crushingly better.) Nevertheless, any momentary self-doubt cannot be given free rein to disrupt your terrified output of what you fervently hope is some reasonable approximation of brilliance.


Arjun said...

You read other novels while working on your own? Are you crazy? Or do you merely hate yourself?

terki said...

Ahh, this is good to know. And it's nice that stale Cadbury mini-eggs are being put to good use somewhere in this world. Good luck!!

Alice Zorn said...

"terrified output"... yes.