November 26, 2010


One day after American Thanksgiving is as good of a day as any to think about gratitude. There has been a lot of upheaval and sadness and stress over the past few weeks, in every realm of my life, but also excitement and anticipation and elation. I am bursting with news (yes, book news, mostly), and a general sense of unreality that pervades just about every waking hour.

It is not the kind of state that (for me, anyway) is particularly conducive to writing, but I hope to get back into that by late next week at the latest. In the meantime, I am enjoying feeling fortunate for my work (the real work, and, yes, even the day job), the people in my life (who amaze and inspire and provoke me into hysterical laughter on a daily basis), the city where I live (today’s freezing rain notwithstanding), and all of the general benefits that go along with being an independent adult in urban Canada in this day and age (freedom from civil unrest! public transit! hot running water!).

Gosh, I’m lucky! I can hardly believe my good luck, some days. It’s a good thing to remember through the tough times.

Off to knock on wood…


Jules said...

a) cannot wait to hear your book news.

b) agree - we are so lucky to live in this city. My mom was here last weekend and asked if I thought I would ever move home. Never. I love it here so much, it makes the distance worth it. (and sometimes distance is necessary anyway!)

c) cannot wait to hear your book news.

saleema said...

a) yes, yay, can't wait to tell you!

b) There are other cities that intrigue me, but Montreal does so many things so well, it's hard to imagine a better life somewhere else.

c) :)

Jonathan Ball said...

The book news is good news, truly. With my "inside scoop" I can safely say such. Do you want another awkwardly phrased sentence? How about this one: even in the coldest cold crap of a day, like this new mini-blizzard (yes, we needed another), I'm always glad to live in Canada, a country I proudly love, and even Winnipeg, which will never defeat me with its horrible horribleness!

A said...

What a happy post!

az said...

sorry, that was me above. i forgot that google calls me "A". tried to change it.
wanted to say that i liked your post and all it implies. nice to see you giddy with excitement.

saleema said...

@Jonathan, I'm thinking of making "horrible horribleness" a searchable tag. Could come in handy.

@alice I knew it was you, A! xoxo