November 3, 2009

writing comics diversions

A comic apropos to yesterday's post about iPhone e-readers, which I meant to include but forgot:

iPhone ebook camping

I didn't manage to go camping this summer, but I did go to a cabin and I was looking forward to reading books on my iPhone there -- until I lost track of my charger for the whole trip! That's one advantage a book will always have. It never runs out of batteries.

Debbie Ohi at, author of the comic above, does lots of wonderful writing-related comics and posts tons of great writing links and ideas on her site. Always good for a procrastinating click or two (or more...). Here's another recent favourite of mine:

Adverb Discrimination

I've definitely become one of those people who try to excise all their adverbs, so this comic hit close to home!

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Inkygirl said...

Thanks so much for the kind words! :-)