September 1, 2009

Questions and Answers

It's the first day of September, and the weather couldn't be more gorgeous. Autumn is my favourite season and one that Montreal always does beautifully. The fresh nip in the air coupled with weather warm enough to still be sweater-optional has me feeling positively tingly with optimism. The only problem is I keep feeling like I should be buying books and going back to school. I think working at the university was enough to keep this feeling at bay before, or at least sublimate it by helping students register for classes and schedule meetings with their advisors. Now I'm tempted to console myself by buying some new pens and maybe some new books, too.

I know, I know --- I was just worrying about all my unread books. Incidentally, I finished reading The Girls last week and it was really wonderful. Highly recommended. It was particularly interesting to me since it's about two sisters, just like my current novel-in-progress. Are there other Canadian sister-novels out there?

My 12 or 20 Questions is up at rob mclennan's blog now. I love reading these, so I was really happy to be part of it! I warn you, though: it's a dangerous place to lose time if you're prone to procrastination. I think it's wonderful what rob's doing with this. It's quite a comprehensive archive and shows no signs of slowing.

Oh, and the ReLit Awards shortlist was announced today, which means my hopes of a literary piece of jewelry have been dashed. But congratulations to all the shortlistees! And good luck winning the precious.


Rebecca Rosenblum said...

I really enjoyed your Q&A, Saleema--I may quote you on a few things in future (always with attribution, of course!)

saleema said...

Thanks, Rebecca. I enjoyed yours, too -- especially the Hemingway iceberg metaphor (which I hadn't heard before)...and "constellated" <-- a superb verb!