August 19, 2009

The Benefits of Leaving Town

One of the perks of leaving town for a few days is coming home to a pile of linky goodness on Google Reader and Twitter. Is there anything more satisfying and relaxing than zoning out with a cold glass of soda water in front of a metric ton of new blog posts? (Well, possibly. But not during a heat wave.)

Annabel Lyon has been posting lots on her blog (her last entry includes a link to an excerpt) for her brand-new novel about Alexander and Aristotle, The Golden Mean. I can't wait to read it! It and February by Lisa Moore are the two books I'm most excited about that I haven't gotten my hands on yet.

Ami McKay just posted this very cute and fun kids magnetic poetry site on her Twitter feed.

Hannah Sung at the CBC Book Club linked to a Times Online list from Adrian McKinty of the 10 Best Lady Detectives. Glaring omission (to my mind): Veronica Mars! (I'm still crushed that that show -- my favourite since Buffy -- was cancelled.)

The Guardian Book Club takes on Paddy Clarke Ha Ha Ha -- a book I loved when I first read it in Grade Twelve but which I haven't yet had a chance to revisit.

I think that's all the sharing I can manage before facing the fact that my little vacation really is over. Back to work!


adrian mckinty said...

I too loved VM.

I had just been offered a novelisation job on VM when they cancelled the show.

I was gutted.

saleema said...

Ohhhh! SO disappointing! For you and the readers-who-would-have- been...

Lauren said...

I didn't realize Annabel Lyon had a blog! Or more than one book for that matter. She did a reading at my university many moons ago, right after her first story collection was published, and I fell in love (although apparently promptly forgot all about her).

saleema said...

I have a friend who was similarly struck by her during a class visit after Oxygen. I love, love Oxygen and especially her collection of novellas. You should look them up!