March 11, 2009

more good news

I forgot to mention that I received a statement for my short-story collection sales, along with a (very small) cheque. A cheque! This means that the book has earned out its (very modest) advance! I *think* this means that I am officially not a liability for my publisher, which is a good feeling.

I also reviewed Ali Smith's new short-story collection for the Gazette
a few weeks back. It made me want to reread The Accidental, which I remember thinking was perfect when I read it. I recently decided to add in another voice to my novel-in-progress, and I remember this being an example of a novel that really manages to pull off different perspectives. (Although I do feel a bit guilty re-reading something when there are so many new books I want to read. Not guilty enough to not do it, mind you.)


undergroundstreams said...

Congratulations on earning out your advance!!! I have just read the stories "Bloodlines" and "Mother Superior" and am looking forward to the rest.
Kathleen Winter

saleema said...

good lord, I need to change the email settings for comments on this thing, so that I can see when I have them!

Thanks, Kathleen, for reading!!